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Deliver a superior customer experience without the stress of recruiting and investment in operating a customer care center.

Customer service is essential for nurturing relationships with your customers and improving business performance. From sophisticated communication platforms with built-in data analytics to top-tier security systems, large global brands helped set high customer expectations by making significant investments in customer experiences.

Staffing, continuous upgrades, and the maintenance of call center support operations can be overwhelming and often unreachable for SMBs and even larger organizations across many sectors: finance, retail, healthcare.

CRI Business Solutions enables companies across various industries to deliver high-standard call center services and customer care without significant investments in resources, technology and operations.

What makes for superior customer service?
  • Omnichannel communications by voice, email, webchat, or social media
  • Communication in customer’s preferred language
  • Pleasant and respectful interactions
  • Knowledgeable, solution-oriented resources
  • Fast response time and resolution
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Consistency at every touch point

We help you outsource smarter

What often stands in the way of your company delivering great contact and call center support

  • Limited budget
  • Difficulties in recruiting
  • Inadequate IT capabilities
  • Lack of flexibility and resources

That’s why many have turned for help from established outsourcing contractors like CRI Business Solutions.

You will gain the resources and confidence to start your initiatives quickly and deliver superior customer care in multiple languages through various communication channels. And you will accomplish all of this – and more – without the hassle of developing your own solution.

We Help You Outsource Smarter

Contact center solutions for your unique needs

As a trusted government contractor, CRI provides commercial customers with the same rigorous security and regulatory compliance, thorough and consistent quality control, flexible and scalable staffing support, and qualified and trained U.S.-based agents.

We also have experience operating in our own location, remotely or taking over an existing contact center. A true “home run” for your SMB or enterprise.

  • Inbound and outbound call center customer support
  • Text, email and chat enhance the customer experience
  • Application support and processing
  • Financial documentation support
  • Customer surveys and questionnaires
  • Mailing literature and information requests
  • Debt collection 

We put our government experience to work for you

Small Business Administration
Small Business
Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority
Missouri Higher Education
Loan Authority
Department of Education
of Education
California Rural Indian Health Board
California Rural
Indian Health Board

Solutions in Action

We provide the solutions you need, just when you need them.
Solutions in Action
Raise customer satisfaction
Raise customer satisfaction

Customer expectations can exceed your capabilities. Our support agents are trained and experienced in providing callers with short hold times and excellent problem resolution all while enjoying pleasant interactions.

Manage call, email and chat volume
Manage heavy volumes

Managing peaks and valleys is tough for small teams. CRI’s call center experience provides a solution and alleviates the high turnover in customer service that a small business could experience from ineffective hiring qualification processes and inadequate training.

Expand IT capabilities
Expand IT capabilities
Proper technologies and platforms are key to delivering great customer support while ensuring the highest level of security and regulatory compliance.
Develop and execute customer-first strategy
Develop and execute customer-first strategy
Success starts with a solid customer experience strategy that outlines your customer-first standards, defines process and staff requirements, and sets key performance measurements.
Quickly ramp up your program
Quickly ramp up your program
Scaling is a competency. An integrated system of technologies, processes and resources will help you quickly implement an efficient customer care program, especially during time-sensitive initiatives.
Support decisions with data analytics
Support decisions with data analytics
Data is gold. Your ability to monitor performance in real-time and access historical data on demand helps make strategic decisions faster.

Time-proven standards behind our success


The quality of service your business provides is only as good as its people. We embrace the challenges that come with recruiting, vetting, training and retaining call center personnel. Our agents possess the right skillset to deliver a high level of performance and be successful at their job:

  • excellent articulation and comprehension,
  • problem-solving mindset,
  • critical thinking,
  • computer literacy,
  • bilingual,
  • good work habits.

Our customer care reps are trained in the areas of telephone etiquette, customer empathy, listening skills, industry and product knowledge, and problem identification and resolution.

CRI managers and supervisors possess the knowledge and professional experience necessary to provide quality leadership for your project and ensure top-performing results.

When it comes to delivering superior service, success starts inside your company as much as it does with the people you come into contact with as a customer. By enlisting an experienced team like CRI, you’ll be able to streamline every aspect of the customer experience and help those you serve become more loyal to your brand in the process.

CRI offers fast start-up support, project management and ongoing operations management that is tailored towards your company’s specific needs. CRI is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our Quality Management System, another testament to our focus on providing quality services. This accreditation is based on several quality management principles, including leadership, operation, process approach and ongoing process improvement.

Fortunately, CRI’s team can help you gain insight into exactly what your users respond best to give each of them the perfect interaction every single time. Armed with the right data, you can make highly informed management decisions faster, accurately plan future improvements based on historical insight, and achieve better overall business performance with enhanced efficiency.

Upgrades and maintenance of technologies are a large ongoing investment for small and large companies alike. We take this burden away by offering you our services utilizing the latest systems and platforms needed to operate a call center most efficiently and with the highest customer satisfaction.

We invested in the infrastructure of data centers and cloud platforms, providing data services housed in a combination of Tier 1 Data Center and flexibility of cloud storage built to meet growing demands for Disaster Recovery and High Availability.

All platforms and applications have redundancy built in to safeguard against most failures and consistently perform at an average of 99.95% uptime. CRI is audited annually and is certified compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, ISO 27001, NIST 853, FISMA and PCI-DSS.

We have a full staff of CRI IT professionals to support the various technologies required to handle the volume of calls and inquiries through various channels. Our Support and Incident Management services are available 24/7 with live support and on-call personnel.

Data Security and Analysis
In the digital age, data breaches are common across all industries including financial, retail, healthcare – just to name a few. We are here to protect your company’s reputation and help your customers feel confident in sharing personal information which is sometimes necessary for successful problem resolution.

CRI is certified in ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), which shows our commitment to managing the security of data and other assets entrusted by our customers.

Additionally, CRI is a TechLock Certified Service Provider. Our call center operations currently meet all required federal data security standards and regulations which are the toughest to achieve. We have developed compliance standards and protocols to fulfill federal, state and municipal regulations and directives and we apply the same standard to fulfill commercial contracts.

When it comes to gaining an edge on the competition, there are very few things more important than access and protection of sensitive information – specifically, in this case, customer information.

Time-proven standards behind our success

Outsource Smarter. Execute with Confidence.

Let CRI’s turn-key outsourced call center solutions help you reduce operational costs while strengthening customers relationships and giving you the power to focus on long-term growth.

Our Experience and Reputation Speak of Our Commitment to Your Success

Demonstrated capability in subcontracting to small businesses

What started in 2002 as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business has since grown to become a large company, small business mentor and recognized industry leader.

With headquarters in Lowell, Arkansas, and an office in Washington, D.C.-metro, CRI has operations across the U.S. and employs hundreds of full-time employees.

We put decades of experience, reputable leadership and proven processes to work for you!
  • 60 years of combined customer service center leadership experience
  • 20 years of experience supporting government contracts
  • 7 years of experience providing call center and loan application support to federal clients
Small Business Administration

36 Hour Staffing Turnaround
for SBA

Trained and reallocated 100 employees within 36 hours’ notice to fulfill new contact center need, demonstrating our ability to meet special, ad hoc client needs.

Trained and reallocated 100 employees within 36 hours’ notice to fulfill new contact center need, demonstrating our ability to meet special, ad hoc client needs.

Department of Education

1.5 Million Calls Handled
Per Month

For the U.S. Department of Education, CRI call centers handled more than 1.5 million calls per month assisting student loan borrowers with loan refinancing applications and customer service.

For the U.S. Department of Education, CRI call centers handled more than 1.5 million calls per month assisting student loan borrowers with loan refinancing applications and customer service.