Outsourced software and application development for government agencies

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Gain operational efficiency while managing resources and mitigating risk

In today’s digital landscape, government agencies heavily rely on software solutions to increase their teams’ productivity and deliver a superior customer experience to the public.

The importance of proper software and applications to enable stable, efficient operations cannot be underestimated. But the magnitude of in-house development process can be overwhelming for agencies and departments for several reasons:

  • Significant cost commitment
  • Re-allocation of limited key resources
  • Lack of specialized technical expertise
  • Slow ramp-up time due to bureaucratic processes
  • Long time to market

A partnership with a reliable outsourcing contractor like CRI is a smart, cost-effective solution that helps government organizations keep up with evolving internal needs and public expectations.

Key reasons government agencies outsource software development

Shrinking workforce and upkeep of legacy systems and applications are just a few internal challenges that keep the federal, state and municipal agencies from engaging in more sophisticated IT projects.

Taking a business approach to government processes allows agencies to see the real benefits of IT outsourcing and the drip-down effects that benefit the public.

By getting out of software development business, agencies are able to:

  • Focus resources on new initiatives with greater public impact
  • Reduce development cost through economies of scale
  • Mitigate risk through access to world-class talent
  • Easily manage costs and resources as needs change
  • Reduce time to market
Government Software Development

Comprehensive software development solutions that deliver results

Custom Development

Development that matches your business-critical application needs with design-lead engineering models

Experience Design
Products built for the ultimate customer experience, elevated brand perception, greater satisfaction, and faster conversion paths
Web Development
Deliver a seamless omni-channel experience via comprehensive content management solutions
Anywhere anytime delivery of compelling and intuitive mobile experiences tailored for customers
Continuous application testing using manual approach and automation tools for bug free delivery
System Automation
Fully automated solutions built to deliver pipeline access across leading cloud server-based platforms
Data Services
Converting data into meaningful information and insights through integration and management
Cloud Managed Services
Infrastructure management and support services available 24/7

Handle IT outsourcing with confidence

With 20 years of contracting experience, CRI is your trusted partner for software and application development needs. Let’s work together.

Our experience and reputation speak of our commitment to your success

We understand the risks that can result in financial losses and damaged reputation when IT projects fail to meet expectations. For nearly 20 years, CRI has been investing in leadership, talent and infrastructure as well as developing best practices and optimizing process to ensure the success of each and every project.

As a experienced government contractor, CRI delivers technology solutions that enhance your agency’s daily operations, increase efficiency and enable you to allocate funds and resources to programs that create real impact in your communities.

We are certified
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2