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Save Money with Incarceration Audits

Stop overpayments or fraud associated with incarcerated beneficiaries and plan participants.

As experts in identifying incarcerated individuals within client beneficiary data, we help collection agencies secure the information they need to quickly stop, reduce, or suspend a payment while an individual is incarcerated.

For incarcerated individuals who are receiving some type of government benefit or pension, we offer an excellent solution to quickly prevent overpayments and fraud associated with incarcerated beneficiaries and plan participants. We are one of the only companies in the industry to offer this unique service.

Our services also offer the collections industry access to information on incarcerated individuals so that they can stop wasting time and money trying to collect on an account.

​Our incarceration database contains over 60 million records and is updated frequently. Our dedicated team of researchers quickly identifies incarceration matches and then works one-on-one with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and State Penitentiaries to identify incarcerated individuals.

​​By using this network of home-grown nationwide relationships, we can quickly obtain verification of an individual’s incarceration status and provide the authentic documentation required to cease or suspend payment.

We provide official inmate verification records to support our incarceration audit findings. Inmate verification records support our customers in ceasing or suspending a payment to an incarcerated individual that is no longer valid due to his or her incarceration.

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